Black (carrot) is BAE!

A distinct variety of carrot that will amaze you every bit!

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Black carrot is BAE

With the winters sneaking in, there is an effortless affinity towards gajar and precisely lal gajar. You know the first thought that ran in my mind as a child was to request maa to make gajar ka halwa with the lovely red carrots of winters. She lovingly used to smile and pour her heart into making it for the entire family. And now when I look back, I remember reciprocating the same feeling she used to put in her halwa, to present times when I cook it for my wife and daughters. They love mostly all the winter recipes that I cook for them, but this one is definitely the special one. So, now you must be thinking and imagining a delish click of the red carrot halwa, isn’t it? However, the one I’m going to talk about here gajar halwa is all the more a distinct one. Wondering why? Well, this is not the one made with red carrots that you must have enjoyed all this while,  but an equally tasty and unique version made with the rare black carrots. Black carrots a.k.a kale gajar basically hail from the northern part of India – Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and Haryana – where many popular dishes like gajrela, murabba, achar, etc., are made using this seasonal variety.  You’ll be amazed to know that this variety of carrots have the highest amount of carotene present in them. Feeling tempted already? To begin with, here’s one of my most favourite dishes made with the kala gajar. I bet halwas wouldn’t have tasted any better, ever! Kale Gajar ka Halwa:

Black is beautiful! 

India has been truly blessed, not just with the red and orange varieties of carrot, but the black one too. It always has been an important vegetable in the Royal Awadhi cuisine.  The halwa made with kale gajar has been known to boost the immunity system besides being distinctive in taste. It is prepared in a similar way as the regular lal gajar ka halwa. However, the difference is the generous amount of pure desi ghee used in this, which helps in keeping the body warm as well as insulated in the terrific cold weather, especially of North India. 

Sip on kanji! 

Another magical avatar that black carrot takes pride in is kanji. It is known for being a nutritious and flavoursome drink. In this drink, traditionally, the prepared liquid is fermented in sunlight for approximately 5 days which ensures that it starts developing healthy probiotics. The best part is that it can be consumed by any age group and is of course undeniably super delicious. Adding another reason to love this beverage are the nutrients which are present in it namely beta-carotene, potassium, Vitamin K,  antioxidants,  along with dietary fibre which boosts digestion. If you are also willing to give this a try, here’s the perfect recipe:  

Kale Gajar ki Kanji:

Last but best!

Last but not least, a recipe that’s going to turn your festivities, extra special as your guests will just fall in love with this version of a supremely delectable as well as nutritious cake. A perfect dessert for tis’ season. 

Black Carrot Cake: ">