Bizarre but interesting food pairs you must try once!

Strange, weird, good, bad, whatever it is, we are about to unfold some of the popular food pairings

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Bizarre but interesting food pairs you must try once

When was the last time you tried something weird and it actually tasted real good? (Probably, not quite a long time ago) Let’s admit one thing today that we all have a set of weird food combos which we all enjoy secretly. Remember that time when you also wanted to enjoy that secret weird food pairing infront of your peers but you stopped yourself from doing it? Don’t want to look like a weirdo, do you? But, today it’s all about embracing those bizarre pairs and exploring more such combinations which you didn’t know about, until today.

Strange, weird, good, bad, whatever it is, we are about to unfold some of the popular food pairings from around the world which are absolutely worth a try, for once atleast! Read on…

Ice cream and French fries

Well, you won’t believe but this is one of the most popular weird duos one has ever tried and if we go by the internet’s word, it actually tastes delicious. Wonder what it’s like, a hot, salty and spicy box of French fries dipped into chilled, creamy, sweet deliciousness? What’s not to love when you have two of your favourites together. We say, don’t ‘eww’ it until you’ve tried it. Go for it!

Pizza toppings: bananas or green peas?

As weird as it sounds, you may be surprised to know that some people love this. Recently, it was discovered that the Swedish top their pizza with bananas and in Brazil, green peas is a common topping on pizzas. We know that the popular pineapple topping didn’t turn out to be a successful one but we say you should give a try to these.You never know, you might actually like it!

Ketchup and rice

You might have tried pairing sugar and riceas a kid, right? Did you ever try pairing it with tomato ketchup? Maybe! But, let us tell you this might actually taste great because the flavour of white rice is bland and once paired with some tangy tomato ketchup, it might actually taste good. In Filipino, they have their own popular food combo of banana ketchup enjoyed with fried rice and noodles!

Chocolate popcorn, anyone?

The sweet and salty pairings have always been there for long but this one’s a heaven. Chocolate popcorn is the best thing – chocolates cut down on the saltiness of the popcorn and popcorn balances the sweetness of chocolates, we say it’s a rab ne bana di jodi!Now we know why caramel popcorn and chocolate coated chips are a thing. You should definitely give this one a shot in your next movie night.

Peanut butter on burgers?

This is one of the most popular combinations in New York. People are crazy about the peanut butter flavoured hamburgers. A layer of peanut butter adds texture and nuttiness to the already flavourful, juicy burgers. Well, peanut butter really made its point of tasting great with anything and everything. Why don’t you too give it a shot?

This is all for now! But we will be back with some more strange food pairings for you soon. Till then, try these out and share your reviews with us in the comment section!