Be simple, be organized

It’s the rule of the modular kitchens and the best thing to do with so much organized space...

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Be simple be organized

It’s the rule of the modular kitchens and the best thing to do with so much organized space is to keep your stuff in such a way that you can reach out for that box of cereal even blindfolded! Well, it can be a bit exaggerating but the fact remains that placing the foods in the kitchen in an organized manner will help keep your nerves cool.

Here are some easy tips to help you get off that clutter:

  • Where the stove is (gas burner, electric burner) so shall everything remain leashed: you want to have things within reach especially those things that you use the most. Like two knives, cutting board, mixing bowl, pan and pot. Rest of the things put them in the periphery of vision. But a big no to put the oil and spices in plain view. Well, you can buy the fancy containers but I would still tell you to put these two things inside a cupboard because these things are best kept in the innards of a dark cupboard. Keeps the quality and flavours going for a longer time.
  • Buy those appliances that fit into the space you have. There are so many tempting things that are creatively made to make things easier. Mount them on racks or slip under the shelf. But buy only what you need.
  • Use the round turntable racks. These are particularly helpful in storing your daily requirements of pots and pans and vegetables.
  • Get a big spoon holder that allows smaller spoons in the periphery and long handled ladles etc in the centre. These are the things that get mixed up in drawers and one search for the right spoon can test the patience of any good cook.
  • If at all you like to organize things in a drawer, ensure yours has enough separators. So in go the knives in one slot, forks in another, spoons in yet another.
  • Divide the kitchen storage into ‘like’ sections. One shelf for breakfast cereals, oatmeal, the coffee jar, the sugar bowl, etc. One section for future stores like tins and packs of ready food. And one section for dry stores like rice, pulses, condiments. Put them in either superior quality airtight plastic jars and bins or in glass jars. One look and you know when to shop.
  • In the freezer section of the fridge, let the air flow well. Stock up the meat or chicken or fish cuts at the bottom so that in case some juices escape accidentally they do not contaminate the other things. Frozen peas and other things are best kept at the top.
  • The fridge and freezer have door shelves. Good place to hide keys but also wonderful to keep small things like bottle/can openers, straws and cling film. Use this space to stack small items that will easily get lost in the deep shelves.