Balanced nutritious diet – sensible eating plays an important role

Ever wondered why you feel so tired by late afternoon?

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Balanced nutritious diet sensible eating plays an important role

Ever wondered why you feel so tired by late afternoon? In fact, some people say they feel so tired that it is difficult to cook for the evening, let alone eating the food! The fact is that the body requires refueling during the day and if not done timely, the blood sugar level takes a dip: hence you feel tired and irritable. Without nourishment, your body begins to reach out for the next best thing – stored fat and the protein in your muscles and organs. This weakens you and could eventually make you sick. Some recent research also shows that you might be increasing your chance of gaining weight. Your body thinks it’s starving when you don’t eat, so it slows down and saves all the food you ate yesterday and before. By the time you do eat, it has a stock kept ready for the next bout of starvation.

A good change that one can make to have a life with healthier eating habits is to introduce some snacks that do not provide high calories. For having a snack between meals to satisfy the hunger pangs is just as important as having a full meal later on. It also helps to keep your plan of abalanced diet in line. The best way to stave off starvation without guilt is to snack on good food. Like fresh fruits, a bowl of yogurt made with skimmed/ cow’s milk, raisins, plain popcorn, raw vegetables, whole-wheat flour cookies, home-made milk shakes (made with skimmed milk, fruit and ice), fruit and vegetable juices, low-fat paneer etc.

Health Tips

· When it comes to milk and milk-based products that can threaten the heart, the safest is skimmed milk.

· Soya milk, which is readily available, is a good idea with breakfast cereal. It is a better source of protein than cow’s milk. For a nice change in the dessert category, try Soya Milk Brown Rice Pudding.

· Tofu might taste bland on its own but is good in stir-fries and kebabs. Stir Fried Broccoli and Tofu with Cracked Pepper is a palate cleansing starter.

· Chickpeas, green gram and lentils are other good sources of protein that need to be included in the daily diet.

· Research on fats also states that the body needs some fat and since it is good to have mostly monounsaturated fats. Have onions and garlic to protect the heart.

· Include dark greens, carrots and tomatoes too. Fish eaters who can have oily fish twice to thrice a week will be including omega 3 that helps in controlling heart disease, eczema and arthritis. Grilled Fish with Corn and Pineapple Salsa is a wonderful meal by itself.