Ran out of eggs? These substitutes will help you bake wonders!

Go eggless with these on point solutions!

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Bake wonders with these egg substitutes

Eggs are an excellent choice when it comes to starting the day fresh and on a healthier note. Not to forget, the capability of this humble protein and Vitamin D rich food to turn plain dishes marvellous, is worth a mention too. Eggs incredibly versatile and multifunctional and can be used in many ways. Especially, when it comes to baking, eggs are mostly used for adding in firmness, flavour, binding and leavening. An egg also affects the colour and texture of many a dish. Be it the yolk, the whites or both, every component of an egg plays a key role in bringing your favourite baked desserts and savouries to life. 

However, did you ever wonder if your batch of eggs is over and/or you are a vegetarian wanting to try out some of the popular delicacies prepared usually with eggs, what would you do? Well in context to this, I’m bringing some on-point solutions to resolve all your worries. Stay rest assured that you’ll be coming out with flying colours of success! This way you’ll also have a fair chance not to confine your food choices. Get ready with your diary along, as you are going to have numerous alternatives to eggs, in order to enjoy your favourite foods. The quantity might vary from recipe to recipe, but, a general idea will bring upon more clarity. The important factors viz. binding, softness, moisture, richness, fluffiness, etc, will be all possible in no time. These substitutes are very basic and easily available in a home kitchen.

Get ready to go eggless! 


Surprised? Well, we all use this ingredient very commonly to prepare a variety of dishes. However, have you ever tried using it as an egg substitute? If your answer is no, then try replacing the egg with some mashed potato. See, how your savoury dish turns absolutely amazing with the same texture, an egg gives. 

1 egg = 2 tablespoons mashed potatoes


While you might hold inhibitions about this one, let me tell you that it will turn your dishes/desserts into a soft and tasty one! Indeed, a boon for vegetarians. Whether it’s cakes, muffins, pies or anything else, all of it will be sorted. 

1 egg = ½ cup (125 ml) buttermilk 

Yogurt (Curd)

Yogurt (curd) is a part and parcel of our lives in some or the other form – be it in any accompaniment, main course or consuming just as it is. All of these taste best with respect to its use. So, why not include it in this list of egg alternatives. As it does its job perfectly, here too.

1 egg = ¼ cup (60 grams) plain yogurt (curd)

Fruit purees

Wish to bake a cake and your guests don’t like eggs? Or you’ve fallen short of them? Don’t stress, fruit purees are here to rescue you! Mashed bananas, apple sauce, mashed avocado, pumpkin puree et al. These add a fruity flavour, bring in moisture and act as a natural binding agent too. However, if you don’t wish to have a fruity taste then go for some other alternative.

1 egg = ¼ cup fruit puree 

Sweetened condensed milk

This substitute works like a charm, especially when you wish to make desserts and cookies. Just a small thing that you should keep in mind while using it is that, you might have to check on the quantity of sugar as this will bring along a lot of sweetness by itself. 

1 egg = ¼ cup sweetened condensed milk.

Olive oil

With health being a constant reason of thought, olive oil is now a part of almost every household.

Many of us use it to prepare our daily meals. But did you know that with olive oil, you can bake some of the tastiest recipes too? Try it today!

1 egg = 1 teaspoon olive oil + 2 teaspoons baking powder + 2 tablespoons water 


Want a good binding agent that can replace eggs very well? Then, cornflour or cornstarch should be your pick. It brings equally good results. 

1 egg = 2 tablespoons cornflour/cornstarch with an equal amount of water

Vinegar and baking soda

Making fluffy cakes will now be a cakewalk, as these 2 ingredients will take the lead.

1 egg = 1 tablespoon vinegar + 1 teaspoon baking soda