All you need to know about the trending fruit, persimmon

Join us in this passionate persimmon journey

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All you need to know about the trending fruit persimmon

If you’re a food enthusiast, you might have come across this fruit in the past month at least once a while surfing your way through social media. The internet has been taken by a storm and literally everyone is talking about the ‘persimmon.’ While we all are enjoying our share of winter fruits like pear, strawberry, etc., persimmon has caught everyone’s attention too. It has been titled as the ‘fastest-selling exotic fruit’ and has doubled its sale since last year. And, it’s time to know what exactly the deal is all about. So, join us in this passionate persimmon journey

What exactly is permission?

Persimmon, also known as tendu in Hindi, resembles a tomato and the fully ripe flesh is either yellow, dark brown or orange in colour. More than 2000 years ago, Asians were the first to discover this tiny fruit in the mountain ranges of Southern China and till date it is extremely popular in Korea, Japan and China. It is also cultivated in many other countries with warm to temperate climates like Brazil, Spain, Turkey, Italy and Israel. It generally has a sweet-honey like flavour and is consumed in fresh, raw, cooked or dried forms.


While there exist more than a hundred varieties of persimmon, Hachiya and Fuyu are known to be the most popular ones. Hachiya, that looks like an orange colour tomato, has more like a soft, jelly-like texture and is only edible when it’s fully ripened. They are used to make bread, cakes, jams, compotes and puddings. One thing you need to keep in mind about Hachiya is that you should never consume it until it’s fully grown. Fuyu appears to be more like a huge acorn. Fuyu persimmons are eaten more like apples – discard the crown, cut into wedges and gobble up, nice and simple. They are generously added to salads, frozen to prepare smoothies or added to breakfast cereals.

Benefits of this wonder fruit!

  • Immunity booster: Persimmon is loaded with Vitamin C, thus, great for strengthening your immunity.
  • Aids in weight loss: This fruit is extremely low in calories, has almost no fats and contains good carbs, ultimately making it a good snack for you when you’re trying to get a hold on the extra inches!
  • Good for eyes: It also contains good amounts of Vitamin A which is said to be a way to improve eye vision.
  • Treats hiccups: Japanese have been using persimmon since years to cure hiccups naturally, even in medicines.
  • Energy booster: Due to its high sugar and potassium content, it acts as a natural energizer and gives instant energy.

While there are many amazing ways to include persimmon in your diet, here’s a chai infused with the tones of this amazing fruit, which is going to soothe your soul on a chilly winter evening like never before!

Persimmon Spiced Tea

Add 6-8 dried persimmon slices in 2 cups water in a saucepan. Slice a ginger piece and add along with other spices like cardamom, black peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon or any of your favourite ones. Let it boil. Strain and pour into a cup. Add milk and sugar as required. (Though you don’t need sweeteners and this would taste divine without milk too!). Sip on!