8 reasons to eat seaweed

Their endless nutritional benefits have made them a newly recognized super food worldwide. Yes your

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Their endless nutritional benefits have made them a newly recognized super food worldwide. Yes your sushi wrapper comes with a host of benefits – ranging from a healthy heart to thyroid control. Take a look at 8 reasons that will make you want to add a bunch of seaweed to everything you eat. 

Fat free!

Seaweed has one of the best benefits that each one of us look for in any kind of food– less fat and calories, but plenty of energy and nutrition. It contains iodine that controls thyroid and metabolism, fibre which keeps you feeling full longer, and compounds that prevent the absorption of fat in the body; to cut a long story short basically works like a magical weight loss pill. 

Tummy woes no more 

Most seaweed are a great source of fibre as a result of which it can be your digestive systems best friend. It provides you with energy, keeps you feeling full longer, has bacteria that help build the mucus lining of your tummy and aids in the digestion of other foods as well. All of this without any unnecessary piling up of calories – it keeps your digestive tract very happy! 

Do the detox 

Apparently the chemical composition of most seaweed is really close to the composition of human blood plasma which makes it amazing in regulating and purifying blood. It contains a bunch of alkaline minerals that helps detox by cutting down the acids in the body. It is also known to fight the harmful effects of tobacco and smoking. It only makes sense to include seaweed in any kind of a detox diet. 

Your hearts' BFF

A power house of heart healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, seaweed and your heart are BFF’s! They help in lowering cholesterol levels and improving heart function like no other. With a high concentration of lipids anti-oxidants it reduces the risk of attacks, strokes and other heart related ailments in a significant way. 

Thyroid control 

Iodine is something that is very rarely and scarcely found in natural food ingredients. Fortunately seaweed doesn’t come in this category – it has bulk quantities of iodine - the main mineral required to regulate the proper functioning of the thyroid gland in your neck. Get your iodine fix with a handful of this in a soup or salad and stay away from a bunch of problems caused by hormonal imbalance and thyroid like fatigue, depression, random weight gain or loss and cholesterol. 

Aphrodite approved 

Several cultures of the world have traditionally used seaweed as a tool to spice up time in the bedroom. Since it is aids the working of the thyroid gland and hormones it is directly related to reproductive organs and your sex drive. It helps increase fertility in both males and females, increase libido and reduce performance anxiety too. 

More vitamin C than Oranges 

Did you know that seaweed actually contains more vitamin C than oranges and calcium content almost at power with a glass of milk? To add to this it also has a truck load of other vitamins and trace minerals which are extremely vital in maintaining a strong immune system, for the absorption of iron from other foods, to make your skin glow, nails strong and your hair shine. No reason to stay away from seaweed right?

Protein power 

Seaweed is one of the very few vegetarian sources of proteins and that makes it a great thing to include in your diet if you are a gym person. It gives you an average of 1.7 grams of protein per 100 grams. Its high content of amino acids helps the body to build and sustain bones, tissue and of course muscle. 

Take you pick 

Amongst the abundant variety of seaweed available in the market we listed down the ones that are most popular and easily available. 

Nori –This earthy black seaweed is one of the more popular ones - you’d probably recognize it in a sushi roll. 

Wakame – Green in colour, slightly rubbery in texture with a sweetish taste it works great in, soups, salads and stir fries. 

Kombu / Kelp –In its dry form it can actually be sprinkled over dishes as a flavour enhancer. When fresh you can use it as a pizza topping, in pasta, soup or stir fry. They even make great chips when roasted in the oven! 

Arame – Long thin strands of sweet tasting seaweed they are great for salad and stir-fries. 

Dulse – This one in its dehydrated form can be crumbled over just about any dish that need a crunchy texture and nutrition lift.