7 foods which are not so refrigerator friendly!

Let's know about some popular foods which are not so refrigerator friendly!

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7 foods which are not so refrigerator friendly

Have you ever wondered what a blessing refrigerator is, in our lives? It is the one-stop destination we go to when hunger pangs start drumming away or we get a random feeling to quench our thirst with something chilled. Got a random craving for a cold coffee? Whip it up in seconds with the cold milk in your fridge. Need some ice? Open the freezer and you’re sorted. Overstocked essentials? No worries, store em’ all inside!

But, do you know that there are some ingredients which do not seem to handle that cool temperature so well. The point is that those foods are better off outside the fridge. And though, we have a strong feeling that our foods are going to last longer and stay fresh inside the refrigerator, some foods just won’t.

Today, let’s know 7 popular foods which are not so refrigerator friendly and from now on, make sure to avoid refrigerating them.

What’s best for ‘bread’?

An unopened pack of bread should never be put in the refrigerator as it might turn tough and chewy. It also loses its structure and turns stale when stored in a cool temperature.If you’re going to consume it within 2-3 days, you need not refrigerate it at all. But, if you are planning to use it for weeks ahead, put it inside, take it out and toast it when required.

Oh honey!

One of the popular foods which is wrongly stored in the fridge! This ingredient already has a quality oflasting for a lifetime,provided you do not store it in a cool atmosphere. If you refrigerate or freeze honey, it will crystallise and turn lumpy in texture. Post that, you will have a hard time fighting with that box of shehedand might eventually break it!

For the love of pyaaz

A lot of you might not be knowing this, but here’s why you shouldn’t put onions in your fridge. Onions have a high amount of starch and fibre.So, when you store it in a cool temperature, it tends to become mushy and spoils because of low air-circulation. Storing them in a dry and dark place, ideally near potatoes is a great way to preserve onions.

Good for ‘garlic’

Garlic is one such ingredient which is popular for the magical flavour it adds to almost every dish it is used in. But do you know garlic loses its maximum flavour when it’s put inside the fridge? The best way to store garlic is to put it in a dry space with good ventilation and away from direct sunlight. In case of peeled garlic or a prepared paste, you can refrigerate it and use it up to 2-3 days.

Chocolates, can’t keep cool!

There’s just one thing you need to know here: MOISTURE IS AN ENEMY OF CHOCOLATE! Hence, never refrigerate chocolate!You don’t want this precious food to go waste, do you? If you put it in the fridge, it will be destroyed. First, the smooth and creamy consistency will transform into a hard and solid one. Second, it might absorb the odours of other foods in the section and thus taste blah! Finally,it will be inedible. Hence, do not waste chocolates and eat em’ up right away!

Oil, please don’t spoil!

The oil containers should be avoided putting in the refrigerator.Especially, olive and coconut oil. If refrigerated, they might solidify and you will find it impossible to scoop them out. While some oils might do fine at cool temperatures, but our recommendation is to keep them out in a dry and dark atmosphere to maintain their colour and consistency, and it mightalso make them last for longer.

Go bananas!

If you have ever stored unripe bananas in the fridge, you will know that they turn into a dark black colour and get spoiled. This happens because they are not familiar with the cold atmosphere and when stored that way,they are unable to ripen anymore leading to a flawed texture and flavour. On the contrary, ripened bananas can be easily stored in the fridge for about 4-5 days. Remember using frozen bananas to churn that simple ice cream at home?