6 Kitchen appliances that make cool Father’s Day gifts

Right from a knife that not just applies butter to your bread, but toasts it too, to an herb mill, w

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6 Kitchen appliances that make cool Father’s Day gifts

Right from a knife that not just applies butter to your bread, but toasts it too, to an herb mill, which works like a pepper grinder for fresh herbs – the market is full of these fantastic devices that make life in the kitchen easier and much more fun! 

This father’s day we tell you about 6 kitchen gadgets for a cool dad, who does know his way around the kitchen. If your father isn’t much of a cook, these fantastic kitchen equipment’s will definitely make him want to step into the kitchen and cook up a storm, so read on.

Wonder chef Pizza Pan – If your dad is a fan of oven fresh pizza then this pan is perfect. Fixed with an inbuilt thermostat with temperatures up to 240 degree Celsius, this high quality aluminum pan with a nonstick coating has many more uses than just making pizza. It comes fitted with a see through lid so you can see the awesomeness cooking inside. If you don’t make a lot of pizza, then invest in a grill pan. 

Sanjeev Kapoor’s Magic Barbeque – There is something about fathers and their love for barbeque. Whether you want to make a batch of flavourful jacket potatoes or some grilled chicken legs – this barbeque set really works like magic. It is compact so you can even barbecue in your living room while watching your favourite movie.

Wonder Chef Gas Oven Tandoor – A fabulous, very useful combination of a gas, oven and a tandoor this brilliant appliance is suited for grilling kababs, tikkas and roasts and also baking cakes and cookies all on your gas top. Multipurpose and compact this could become a regular in the kitchen. Plus it is fuss free and economic too, top criteria for most dads. 

A baker’s kit – If you father likes to bake, go the whole ten yards and get him a complete set of baking essentials. Different shapes of silicon moulds, cool mittens, a cooking thermometer, fun mixing bowl and an electric whisk. You get so many interesting concepts in the market – make sure you pick ones that get you dad even more excited about cooking. 

Air Fryer – An air fryer uses fan-forced hot air and a grill plate to heat food through, hence eliminating the need to deep fry food in liters of oil. The rapid air technology in an air fryer circulates hot air with ultimate speed and precision, which results in perfect fried food with consumption of only a tablespoon of oil. A perfect gift and a onetime investment not only to hone your fathers cooking skills but also to keep check on the calories. 

A mix and match set of everything he loves –
There is absolutely no dearth of very interesting and fun kitchen equipment’s available in the market these days. Right from a mini cannon shaped popcorn maker, a set of cartoon grill clips, a waffle griddle, a pancake pen or even a fridge magnet which doubles up as an i-pad holder. Take your pick!

Spend this father’s day with your favourite man and ultimate hero, cooking up a storm in the kitchen! As for recipes you have sanjeevkapoor.com!