6 Kitchen appliances essential for healthy cooking

A great body is built in the kitchen and not in the gym and that’s why the food you cook and eat imp

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6 Kitchen appliances essential for healthy cooking

Keeping a new year resolution with each passing year is a concept that is common across the globe. The most common resolution is ‘I will lose weight this year’, isn’t that true? Well, even though the common action is not following your resolution, some do come through. It is a fact that losing weight is only possible with a strict workout regime along with a holistic diet plan. 

If you too have taken up this resolution, take a look at these 6 appliances that will help you adapt to a healthier lifestyle and be true to your diet plan:

Air Fryer – An air fryer uses fan-forced hot air and a grill plate to heat food through, hence eliminating the need to deep fry food in liters of oil. The rapid air technology in an air fryer circulates hot air with ultimate speed and precision, which results in perfect fried food with consumption of only a light brush or drizzle of oil. 

Slow Juicer – A glass of juice a day is a good idea for everyone. Slow juicing is a great way to make sure all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables that you are juicing reach you. Slow juicers don’t have blades so they don’t chop, but in fact squeeze out maximum juice from whatever is added in! It is versatile enough to make almond milk and coconut milk too so really helpful if your vegan. 

Nonstick cookware – The Teflon coating prevents food from sticking to the bottom of the pan and hence you can cook without the use of any oil or grease which automatically makes the food much healthier. However it is absolutely necessary to get a good quality set of non-stick pans and products from wonderchef as they are our best bet. 

Steamer – There is no doubt that steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook. Whether you are making vegetables, meat or dumplings, steaming them will always ensure that all of its nutrients stay intact along with the bright original colors and what’s more you can completely skip the oil too!

Slow Cooker - Fragrant curries, fluffy rice, perfectly cooked veggies, meat that falls off the bone and the most succulent braises – a slow cooker gives you all of these with all of their nutrients intact and absolutely no need of oil or grease while cooking. It makes sure that all the ingredients cook well and the flavours blend together to create one brilliant dish.

Gas oven tandoor – A fabulous, very useful combination of a gas, oven and a tandoor this brilliant appliance is suited for grilling kababs, tikkas and roasts and also baking cakes and cookies all on your gas top. Nonstick grill plates and the tandoor facility gives you the joy of cooking healthy, grease free, delicious food for your family.

Besides all those, you can also get your hands on measuring scale, to get perfect messurements; and the spiral vegetable slicer so that prepping your veggies in pretty shapes and uniform sizes for a meal or salad will become a lot easier and delightful. Now you must be wondering where to get all these from! Don't worry, you can easily find all these amazing appliances on, so happily continue with your resolution to be healthier.