5 unusual potato recipes

If you think you've tasted aloo in every avatar, think again!

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5 unusual potato recipes

An indigenous ingredient like potatoes can be added to just about anything and it will only enhance the taste. If you think you have tasted it in every avatar, this listicle will make you think again. Take a look.

Saffron Potato Aioli

Aiolis are traditionally made with just eggs and olive oil, but not this one. This aioli is made with the addition of creamy potatoes and aromatic saffron which takes it several notches higher than your regular aioli. What should you eat with this upgraded dip you ask? How about some crisp potato chips?

Indian Style Anna Potatoes

If you haven’t tried anna potatoes yet, this recipe is the beginning of what we are sure will be a very long love affair. Super thin slices of potatoes marinated in plenty of butter and Indian spices – then stacked in muffin moulds and baked till they are slightly crisp on the egdes and the inside is still soft and buttery!

Mashed Potato Rings

Move over onion rings and try your hand at these delicious sweet potato rings instead. Mashed potatoes, bread and spices shaped into large donut rings and deep fried to golden brown perfection. If you really have to fry potatoes – this is the best way to do them.

Goan Potato Cashew Curry

You might think there is nothing novel about a potato curry, but this one will make you think again. With a base of mashed potatoes and cashewnuts which add a lovely creamy bite to each mouthful – this mild potato and cashew curry along with steamed rice will comfort you even on the most stressful days.

Potato Burfi

Yes, potatoes are an indigenous ingredient in most word cuisines, but you can always trust Indians to do things in style – like use it in a dessert. Your appreciation for the humble potato will increase as each bite of this sweet burfi melts in your mouth.