5 foods which are easy to digest

Time to learn about some foods which are easy to digest and can help you get your gut back on track!

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5 foods which are easy to digest

If your stomach is upset or you’re having a hard time in digestion, you probably are having a bad day. The first thought which usually comes to your mind is, why and what? Why am I feeling this way? What did I eat which didn’t suit my belly? The next thing to know is that you cannot stick to your daily eating routine which is all haywire and has led you to this. Overeating or eating spicy, oily, junk foods or intakes of excess caffeine or alcohol are some of the main causes of indigestion. The good news is, it’s pretty normal and there are multiple ways to get rid of it. Since your gut is already out of order, the best thing to do is make sure to give it time to recover. All you need to do is stick to easy-to-digest foods for a day or two. Now, you should know that not all these foods are high on the nutrition bit but they will definitely lead to smoother digestion for your stomach which is much needed.

So, while you should definitely make a note of these under the ‘upset stomach’ supplies, make sure not to overdo them. Time to learn about some foods which are easy to digest and can help you get your gut back on track ASAP!

1. White flour foods:

You know how we tend to avoid white rice and white bread and substitute them with their brown versions. Well, turns out, we need them when we have a bad stomach. Since white rice and white bread are refined and processed, they’re low on fibre which makes it easier to digest, compared to their brown or whole-grain alternatives.

2. Cooked or sautéed veggies

Fibre is your friend is what we’ve been taught our whole lives. Correct! But, when you’re facing digestion issues, fibre is no less than your enemy. Fibre takes longer to digest and keeps you fuller for longer which can increase the gastric issues for someone with an upset tummy. While vegetables in any form are healthy, when cooked or sautéed, they lose most of their fibre content which should be your ultimate pick in such scenarios.

3. Bananas:

While you need to cook other fruits and consume in order to rip out their fibre content, bananas are the easiest to digest, especially the ripened ones. They are high in carbs and are a rich source of calcium too which makes it all the more reason to include them in your diet. But, make sure to pick the fully ripened ones while you go grocery shopping.

4. Shakkarkand:

Did you know sweet potatoes are said to be one of the best foods that help in digestion? It is rich in potassium and contains soluble fibres which are easy to digest for the system. Soluble fibres also tend to increase the good bacteria in our intestines which overall lead to healthy digestion and also prevent constipation.

5. Eggs:

When you’re talking about health foods, eggs always make it to the list. This nutrition powerhouse is also an easy-to-digest food and you can prepare it any way you want. Poached, scrambled, boiled, hard-boiled – compared to the yolk, the white part is easier to digest and is low in fat too. 

Apart from the above list, foods like chicken, turkey, soups, fish, tofu and watermelon are also easy to digest and can do wonders for an upset stomach.