5 foods that we are too addicted to!

Kabhi kabhi diet ko ditch karna toh banta hai, with these addictive foods!

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5 foods that we are too addicted to

We all say this silently to ourselves, sometimes “Dear diet, things just aren’t looking good for both of us. It’s not me, it’s you. You’re too much work. You’re boring and I can’t stop cheating on you.”  Well, I believe its important to eat good to tune into a healthy body and sound mind. However, its as good as saying it’s essential for every party to have a cake. Because, if there would be no cake, then it’s only a meeting and not a celebration! 

So, kabhi kabhi diet ko ditch karna toh banta hai! This helps in breaking away from the shackles of monotony, a reason to bond with people, a time to celebrate, lighting up someone’s day, bringing a natural smile, etc. Since its all the discussion about the foods that give us joy, then how can these foods remain last on the list of favourites? They certainly cannot, as they have made our childhood memorable, our youth sinful in a good way and celebrations the most precious ones. 

Instant noodles

Do you remember the childhood days when you must have ditched the usual meal and would have insisted your mom to make instant noodles for you? No denial about it, isn’t it? Well, you grew older, yet this is one such food that we all love no matter what age bracket we are in. As hostel days wouldn’t have been that memorable without these noodles over a group study with friends, the trip to hill stations with chilly winds and rainfall yet filled with so much thrill of that steam popping up from the bowls of noodle-making vendors. Well, indeed there are lot of kanhaniyan behind our love for this one.

Cheese spread

We have all the ingredients to load our pieces of bread with and prepare different kind of snacks with it. Yet, cheese spread will never lose its evergreen charm. It does not even necessarily need any additional ingredient to make the bread toast feel complete. Toh soch kya rahe hain aap? Ho jaye ek toast aaj cheese spread ke naam!

Condensed milk

No matter how old we get, yet somewhere there is a child hidden in each of us, every time we think of those bachpan ki yaadien. Yaad toh hoga aapko woh chup chup ke fridge se condensed milk nikaal kar khana. Well, if you haven’t had those condensed milk bites in the recent times, it’s a good time to reminisce it raw or top it on your favourite foods to make them taste out of this world.

Milk powder

We all know that milk powder is one of the favourite desi alternatives to milk, but besides that, it is also amazing to taste as it is. Milk powder getting stuck on the mouth naturally gives that sheer feel of joy and unfiltered happiness. Ab tak try nahi kiya? Toh aaj hi aazma kar dekh lijye, you will love it like anything!

Chocolate/Cocoa powder

The love for chocolate milk and baking cakes has been all possible due to these star ingredients. All our cakes, cookies, frostings, milkshakes, etc. would have been so bland and incomplete without them, isn’t it? Tempted already? Then why not make something special today and give yourself a reason to be happy.