5 best chocolate cake recipes!

When it comes to indulgence nothing beats good old chocolate cake. Here are 5 chocolicious recipes

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5 best chocolate cake recipes

When it comes to indulgence nothing beats good old chocolate cake, it is what the word food porn was probably invented for! The end of the year festive season is the best to enjoy the decadence that comes with a chocolate cake and we can’t wait to dig in! Here are our top 5 chocolate cake picks that everybody with a weakness for chocolate must try atleast once.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

 This cake is something you make once and then keep getting back to – it becomes a go to recipe every time you crave chocolate cake, which in our case is pretty often! Silky smooth chocolate ganache sandwiched between layers of dark chocolate sponge topped with more ganache and whipped cream frosting – now common! Who would say no to this?

Mexican Chocolate cake with Chocolate Frosting                        

This is the recipe you should pick if you want chocolate and you want lots of it! The soft spongy chocolate cake and silky smooth frosting that it is dredged with, both have a slight hint of spice that comes from the generous amount of cinnamon that the recipe calls for. One slice is never going to be enough.

Chocolate Ragi Cake

Ragi or millet flour replaces refined flour in this recipe and lends it a lovely crumbly texture and earthy taste. Spiked up with a good splash of whiskey this cake is so decadent it doesn’t even need a frosting – just some icing sugar sprinkled over like stardust is more than enough to make all your chocolate cake dreams come true!

Bittersweet Chocolate Gateaux

There is nothing bitter about the experience of eating this cake. A citrus fruity addition to the cake batter in the form of orange juice perfectly compliments the delicious strawberry compote and whipped cream that this cake is served with!

No Bake chocolate Biscuit Cake  

This no bake flourless chocolate cake recipe has the vibe of a cheesecake. A mix of melted chocolate and crushed biscuits make the body of the cake under which sits a mixed nut crumble and the crown is dressed with decadent chocolate ganache!

We have a ton more recipes which make the best of chocolate in every way you can imagine! Take a look!