2019’s contribution to the food world

by Sanjeev Kapoor

Every year, there are a bunch of food trends and topics that come into light and literally everyone talks about it. But, as for 2019, it was a year of a mini food movement in itself!  There were so many things in the culinary world that were in vogue, which were learnt and implemented. So much so that we feel that it should be continued in 2020 as well. There are some trends which will leave you absolutely spellbound, but, contrarily there are some off-beat ones which we think were just hyped.


Let’s analyse a few of them before we take a brand new culinary jump to 2020.


Beginning  with some great ones


Back to old-school food

Many  food trends will come and go, but, we should never forget our roots, and that is exactly what we did in 2019. The good-old comfort foods like khichdi, dal-chawal, pulaos, biryanis, etc.  got an exemplary makeover and were  presented in an avatar like never before!  Still being high on health quotient,  just more Instagrammable!


Health,  the priority

Last year was all about being healthy and eating food for the betterment of the  body. Lots of diets and  habits came into picture like  vegan,  keto,  intermittent fasting, clean eating, etc. People made a switch from junkies to healthier foods as ‘health’ remained  the top most priority.


Farm to table, go local

There was much of a rage about eating  local and fresh/organic produce. People were actually looking forward to growing their own produce. Farm to table restaurants gained popularity and people made a switch from the fancy restaurants to the ones which served this kind of food.   


Super foods’ on fleek

The new health trend which was all in fire was #Superfoods. Basically, a concept which made us realise how important some of our ancient Indian grains and vegetables  are. These ingredients, which we have been feasting upon since ages without knowing how wonderful they are, gained fame. . That’s how we appreciated them and added more of them in our diets.




Changes in lifestyle

People not only becoming conscious about their health, but, also towards the environment in turn, led to changes in their lifestyles. Foodies, who once could not go a day without meat or cheese, took a decision to  absolutely go vegan. Not just food, they boycotted all the animal-based products in their lifestyle too!


Some trends which need to be refashioned


Plates bigger than the desserts!

A true dessert lover will agree to the fact that one  ALWAYS needs more desserts! Nowadays, the restaurateurs have come up with this new trend where we get smaller desserts with all the fancy décor on a huge plate. Not fair, isn’t it? Some people might like it, but a true blue foodie would completely disagree. Kyuki ye cheez hai aisi, jisse dil maange more!


So many diets? Which one is right?

Like we mentioned, lots and lots of diets gained fame last year, but how many of them are actually right for the  body? For example, Keto diet is said to be not such a great choice for the body because it asks you to cut down on your carb intake completely leading to adverse effects on the body. And it  can fulfil your goal of losing weight.  Hence, it’s not a  great approach to your body’s overall fitness.  Whether it’s good or bad, we leave that up to you!


Instagram worthy or not?

Millennials have gotten us this new trend of making Instagramworthy foods, which are prioritising beauty over deliciousness. Unnecessary garnishing, chaotic plating, weird condiments, all these have taken away the whole essence of taste.  Of course, it does make a great social media manifestation but it has its own set of cons too. It will always have.  


Is non-dairy milk better?

This might surprise you a little, but if you thought non-dairy milk is healthier than the dairy one, then you may want to think again. Compared to dairy milk, almond milk may lack a massive amount of calcium which is compulsory for your body. Also, it’s not recommended for children because they need the right amount of this nutrient for their growth.  So, even if you’re cutting out on dairy milk from your diet, make sure to substitute it with some other source of food that will help meet the need of the right nutrient.

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