10 ways to skip the antacid pill

Heartburn is so much like heart ache – everybody has gone through it at some point in their life. If

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10 ways to skip the antacid pill

Heartburn is so much like heart ache – everybody has gone through it at some point in their life. If you can relate the song ‘jiya jale jaan jale’ in its literal sense and ‘the fire in your belly’ is actually acid reflux then you are on the perfect page Say good bye to that terrible acidic pain that starts in your tummy moves up your abdomen and chest right up to your throat with these simple kitchen ingredients. 

Thand pe gayi

A glass of cold milk provides you instant relief from acid reflux as it helps absorbs the excess acids produced in the stomach. The fact that it is cold and has plenty of calcium – an alkaline mineral helps sooth that burning sensation in your stomach. However try and stick to skim milk as full fat versions will eventually cause discomfort in the tummy. 

Cactus cure

Aloe Vera is one of the best products you can use to treat external burns, turns out it works great for the stomach too. A glass of aloe Vera juice helps calm down all the acidic activity going on in your stomach as well as your esophagus and gives you complete relief in a matter of minutes. This member of the cactus family is also a great laxative so beware of having too much. 

Nariyal pani to neutralize 

Coconut water is like a boon for your body. Every sip of this sweet all natural drink nourishes every part of your body – right from your skin to your hair and yes! also your tummy. Sipping on tender coconut neutralizes the acids in the tummy and instantly suppresses all the discomfort caused by them. A great drink to have any time any day anywhere! 

Tea talk 

Herbal teas like chamomile, green and lavender tea are known to cure a host of stomach problems – acidity included. They help speed up the passage of food in the gastrointestinal tract in the right direction and avoid acidic reflux. Including cups of these in your regular diet is the best way to counter the effects of acidity. Stay clear of masala and cutting chai’s though. 

No monkey Business 

Bananas are a rich source of potassium, an alkalizing mineral that stands at a whopping 14 on the PH scale. It helps build the mucus lining of the stomach, protects it from acids and strengthens the esophagus. The high fibre content is just another plus point this fruit offers when it comes to curing heart burn.

Lemony snickets 

Yes lemons are really acidic in nature, but when mixed with water its acidity actually gets neutralized. It contains good quantities of selenium, potassium and calcium which provide relief from bloating and gas - the most common symptoms of acidity. Besides it also help get rid of germs in the stomach, aid proper digestion, and regularize the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and bile production in the liver thus easing the symptoms of acid reflux. 

Let ginger rule your gut

 Ginger helps cure a horde of stomach problems – right from acidity to indigestion. In moderation ginger works brilliantly as an anti-inflammatory product. Just add a few juliennes to a glass of water and sip on it to get rid of any kind of discomfort that acidity brings with it. Even a tiny ginger flavoured lozenge does the trick here. 

Amazing almonds 

A great way to get rid of acidity is to chomp on a handful of almonds – raw blanched or roasted. Though it is tough to put a finger on how exactly almonds help reduce acid reflux studies show it is probably because of its high amino acid content that is helps regulate bowel movements, eases digestive symptoms such as bloating and abdominal discomfort related to acidity. 

The funda of fennel 

These deliciously aromatic seeds are such an important part of post meal mouth fresheners for a reason. They contain a compound known as anethole which helps relax the mucus lining, kill harmful bacteria, suppress stomach spasms and importantly cure acid reflux. Boil a handful of fennel seeds with water and sip on it for a healthy gut all year round. 

Oatmeal everyday 

Oatmeal is in general such a healthy ingredient that including it in your diet can only be beneficial to you. The fibre content in oats is very helpful because it helps keep you full for longer periods of time, keeps unnecessary binge eating at bay and improves the working of the digestive tract. 

Check out some fabulous recipes using these ingredients in the recipes section of Also take a quick glance below at what to avoid to stay acidity free. 

Things to avoid 

Alcohol, carbonated beverages and smoking

High fat foods that take longer to digest 

Onions and garlic

Late night snacking 

Tight fitting clothes 

Large meals – have small regular ones instead

Spicy and sour food

Refined products