Sabja (Basil) Seeds : A Smart, Healthy Choice for Weight Loss

The article is about how beneficial Sabja seeds are for weight loss and other bodily functions

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  Sabja Basil Seeds A Smart Healthy Choice for Weight Loss

         Sabja (Basil) Seeds : A Smart, Healthy Choice for Weight Loss

       Think weight loss, and Chia seeds is one of the options that comes to mind. You will find recipes on the internet promoting Chia seeds in smoothies, breakfast cereals and salads. Naturally, you will plan to visit the departmental store to buy a packet. That’s great, but hold on and read this.

    While Chia seeds are definitely helpful in their own way, let us not forget a wonderful seed that offers great health benefits. Here we mean, Sabja or Basil seeds! Often confused with Tulsi seeds, Sabja seeds or Tukmaria are seeds of the Sweet Basil plant. A common feature of both the seeds is that they absorb water and swell. However, Chia seeds can be eaten raw or soaked, but Sabja should be had only after soaking. 

    Want to know how Sabja seeds work for weight loss? We mentioned above that they swell after soaking. This soaking releases digestive enzymes that suppress appetite and help reduce unwanted cravings. Another factor is that, as a rich source of dietary fibre and low calorie content, Sabja seeds induce a feeling of fullness and help prevent giving in to hunger pangs. This is how by aiding portion control and reducing overall intake, consuming Sabja seeds contributes to weight loss.      

There are other ways in which Sabja seeds are good for health. Read along to find out their benefits. 

  1. Basil seeds are rich in proteins, dietary fibres, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and plant-based Omega-3 fat. 

  2. Soaked Basil seeds can promote hydration and a feeling of cooling.

  3. It may help with regulating blood sugar levels, as it controls the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose. 

  4. The seeds also help to neutralise the acidic effect, thus helping soothe acidity and heartburn. The water content relieves the burning sensation by soothing the stomach lining.  

  5. The antioxidants help protect the body against the imbalance of free radicals and inflammation. 

  6. The seeds contribute to healthy skin, while the Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy hair and scalp. 

    With so many health benefits that aid several vital bodily functions, Sabja is indeed a fabulous superfood. We are sure you will incorporate this in your diet. However, for weight loss to be effective, you must also make holistic changes to your lifestyle such as, eating fresh fruits and salads, including light to moderate exercises, making time for meditation and staying motivated on your weight loss goal!