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Menu: There are two things that festivals bring along: a lot of calories and over eating. All the indulgences in sweets and mithais can make you feel lethargic and sluggish. There is one dish that can solve all the eating problems – salads. So, make these and enjoy – Fattoush, Four Bean Salad and Grilled Peach and Paneer Salad.

Shopping list

2 medium cucumbers
2 green capsicums
2 pita breads
1 bottle pitted green olives
1 bottle pitted black olives
3 small heads Iceberg lettuce
1 small packet parsley
1 small bottle extra virgin olive oil
250 grams kidney beans
100 grams soyabean
150 grams whole green gram
100 grams French beans
1 small bottle red chilli sauce
1 small bottle mixed fruit jam
1 small bottle vinegar
2 tins peach
200 grams cottage cheese
20-25 snow peas
50 grams cherry tomatoes
1 small lollo rosso lettuce
1 small romaine lettuce

For faster preparation
For fattoush, toast the pita, then process the veggies and lettuce. For bean salad, soak the desired beans and boil them. Prepare the dressing and set aside. For peach salad, process the veggies and peaches.

How to go about it
Start by grilling the peaches and finish with the peach salad. For fattoush, mix all the ingredients add seasoning and dressing. Then for bean salad assemble all together drizzle the dressing. Serve chilled.

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