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Strawberry Milk Shake  Recipe

A tasty and a delicious strawberry milk shake topped with whipped cream.

This recipe is from the book Fun Food For Fussy Kids.

Preparation Time : 11-15 minutes

Cooking time : 0-5 minutes

Servings : 4

Strawberry Milk Shake

Main Ingredients

Strawberry crush, Milk





Level Of Cooking



  • Strawberry crush
    9 tablespoons
  • Milk chilled
    3 cups
  • Vanilla ice cream
    8 scoops
  • Whipped cream
    4 tablespoons
  • Strawberries


Step 1

Place the milk, ice cream and eight tablespoons of strawberry crush in a blender jar and blend at full speed till smooth.

Step 2

Pour into individual tall glasses. Put the whipped cream in an icing bag with a star nozzle and drop a dollop on the top of milk shake in each glass.

Step 3

Drizzle some of the remaining strawberry crush over the dollop. Cut the strawberries into fans and place at the side of the whipped cream and serve immediately.

Chef Tip

You can also give a small slit at the bottom of the strawberries and slide them onto the rim of each glass just before serving. 

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