How to make Kanda Poha - This classic Maharashtrian breakfast is made by sautéing pressed rice with onions, boiled potatoes and mild spices.

This recipe has featured on the show Khanakhazana.

Main Ingredients : Pressed rice (poha) (पोहा), Onions (प्याज़ )

Cuisine : Maharashtrian

Course : Snacks and Starters

Kanda Poha

A plate of piping hot poha or pohe is one of the best Maharashtrian breakfasts ever. Made with pressed rice, boiled potatoes and plenty of onions sautéed with a simple tempering of mustard seeds, turmeric, green chillies and jeera, finished off with a sprinkling of fresh coriander. This kanda poha recipe is testimony to the fact that the simplest things in life are often the best. Kande pohe is my go to option when I am craving a quick, fuss free and nutritious breakfast.

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