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Paneer masti

Menu: We all Indians love to consume milk and milk products. Since our childhood we are told about the benefits of milk and products which are being made of milk. Paneer is known at every place in India, is available easily even in small towns and can even be made in homes. So, make a meal with these recipes – Dhaniya Paneer Kabab, Dum Paneer Kalimirch and Paneer Moti Pulao.

Shopping list

1 kilogram paneer
50 grams coriander seeds
500 grams yogurt
250 ml extra virgin olive oil
100 grams cherry tomatoes
1 red bell pepper
500 grams basmati rice
100 grams cashewnuts
100 grams corn-starch
1 gram saffron
250 grams ghee
2 sheets of silver varq
1 packet of crushed black peppercorn
1 bunch fresh mint leaves

For faster preparation
Prepare the marinade for paneer, apply it and refrigerate. Prepare the paneer balls for the rice. Make cashewnut powder. Make brown onion paste. Make ginger-garlic-green chilli paste. Cut the vegetables for all the recipes.

How to go about it
Start with dum paneer kalimirch. Skewer the paneer and cook them in the oven and finish by tossing the rice.

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