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No Onion No Garlic? Come again?

Menu: At first glance it’s not easy to digest the idea of serving up food preparations without these essentials. What would happen to the taste would be the first concern, but fear not tasty dishes can be easily prepared. Try out these tasteful delights – Kachche Kele ke Paranthe, Moongphali ki Chutney and Vratwale Aloo.




Shopping list

2 raw bananas
½ cup bajra flour
2¼ cupsraw peanuts
1 small green capsicum
Rock salt (sendhanamak)


For faster preparation
Steam the raw bananas a day in advance, do not peel them and refrigerate them with the peels intact. Roast and peel one cup of peanuts the night before.


How to go about it
Cut the potatoes put them in water set it aside. Make the dough for the parantha, make the chutney and finally finish with the Vratwale Aloo preparation.