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My mother’s secret recipes

Menu: Mother’s cooking is always full of love, gives a sense of absolute comfort and is customized according to the taste of the family. To me my mother is still the best cook in the world. Some of my childhood favorite recipes include the filling Mixed Vegetable Soup, the flavorful Aloo aur Pyaaz ki Roti and the simple yet finger-licking Dahi ki Sabzi.


Shopping list

2 packets butter
1 bunch spring onions
1 bunch fresh coriander
200 grams carrot
200 grams cabbage
1 packet black pepper powder
50 grams fresh red chilies


For faster preparation
Wash and cut all vegetables for the soup and prepare the vegetable stock. Make the mixture ready for the roti. Cut the onions for Dahi ki Sabzi.

How to go about it

Start by making the Mixed Vegetable Soup by sautéing the spices and the vegetables. While the soup is boiling start making the Dahi ki Sabzi by sautéing the spices and onions. Finish with Aloo aur Pyaaz ki Roti. Serve hot and enjoy.