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Mango Masti

Menu: Unlike apples, bananas, watermelons and other fruits that are available throughout the year, mango, known as the king of fruits, can be savored only during the summer season. But in the pulp form, you can enjoy the goodness of mango whenever you want. Highly versatile, mango can be had in various forms, including, juice, milkshake, as fruit salad, as pickle, dessert as well as part of a main dish. We are sharing with you three delicious mango recipes - Barbecued Mango Chicken, Bhindi Aam Ki Katliyan and Mango Cream - just to show you how flexible the mango really is.

Shopping list:

2 raw mangoes
2 boneless chicken breasts
1 bunch coriander leaves
2 lemons
200 grams lady’s finger
200 grams shallots
1 packed dry mango powder
4 ripe mangoes
1 packet fresh cream
1 packet whipped cream
1 packet powdered sugar
1 packet green cardamom powder

Preparations before you begin:

Prepare the marinade in advance and leave the chicken in it for marination.

How to go about it:

Start with Mango Cream and leave it to chill. Next prepare bhindi aam ki katliyan, followed by Barbequed Mango Chicken and you will be ready with a tasty and sumptuous meal in no time. 

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