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Lemony Treats

Make healthy and appetizing meals at home within 30 minutes. All you need are the ingredients mentioned in our shopping list, a bit of pre-preparation, and some smart and practical tips from us that will help you cut down your cooking time considerably. Follow our recipes that we have shared here and you will have a delicious and nourishing meal ready within no time. 

Menu: Lemons are real thirst quenchers and it is important to always have a few at home in summers. Lemons are widely used in pickles and sherbets. Lemon juice is also used as a stain remover due to its bleaching property. This summer try these citrusy dishes in planning up a meal – Lemon Ice, Nimbuwale Chawal and Lemon Chiffon Cake.

Shopping list

1 packet castor sugar

1 small bunch mint

1 small bottle lemon squash

2 medium carrots

12-15 French beans

1 green capsicum

150 grams green peas

1 small packet baking powder

1 packet powdered sugar

For faster preparation 

For the lemon ice, remove lemon juice and keep aside. Sort the mint leaves. For nimbuwale chawal, process the vegetables as required. For lemon chiffon cake, make the batter ready and put the cake for baking.

How to go about it

Start by cooling the cake, then tossing the rice and then blending the lemon ice. Finally dust the sugar on cake and serve. 

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