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Khaas Sunday

Menu: Simple Dahi ke Aloo with puffy Moong Dal Puri, finished with chilled Fruit Shrikhand.

Shopping list: 

150 grams split skinless green gram (dhuli moong dal) or split skinless black gram (dhuli urad dal) 

500 grams potatoes

1 litre yogurt or milk to set it at home

200 ml mango puree

1 apple

A few elaichi bananas 

For faster preparation:

Soak dal and grind. Prepare the dal stuffing and refrigerate. Knead dough and refrigerate. Boil potatoes and refrigerate. Tie up yogurt to prepare hung yogurt for shrikhand. Preferably place in refrigerator. 

How to go about it:

Remove the dal paste, dough, potatoes and hung yogurt from the refrigerator. Prepare dahiwale aloo. Meanwhile, put sugar in hung yogurt and prepare the shrikhand. Assemble the dessert and refrigerate till needed. Fry puris and serve.