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Joys of a wholesome meal

Menu: Flavourful Gobhi Kasoori for vegetarians and Keema Hara Dhania for the others. Serve with roti or pav. Put some nice and warm Makai ki Kheer in bowls for a dessert with a difference. 

Shopping list: 

450 gms minced mutton (keema)

25 grams each almonds, pistachios

1 medium cauliflower 

1 bunch each mint, coriander 

2 eggs

1 tin sweet corn

1 litre milk

1 packet of kasoori methi

A small pack of saffron

For faster preparation:

Separate cauliflower florets. Make coriander paste for keema. Prepare the kheer but do not add the nuts.

How to go about it:

Start to make the keema first. Put the eggs to boil. Make the gobhi. Warm the kheer just before serving. Decorate with nuts. 

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