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Guests at short notice

Menu: Thecha Murgh with hot fresh rotis, Takatak Tomato Pulao, with Ice cream Apple Paradise.

Shopping list: 

500 ml vanilla ice cream

250 grams green peas

150 grams cauliflower

50 grams paneer

2 red apples

1 packet boneless chicken breasts

1 packet sea salt

1 packet pav bhaji masala 

1 green capsicum

1 carrot

1 bottle blueberry jam

For faster preparation: 

Knead dough for rotis and refrigerate. Cook rice and allow to drain well till dry and grains are separate. Steam all the vegetables for the pulao. Prepare the red chilli paste for the pulao - soak 2 dry red chillies without the stems and seeds in 1 cup warm water for 15-20 minutes. Drain and grind without using water. Refrigerate, covered, till needed. 

How to go about it:

Prepare ground masala for chicken. Start to cook the chicken. Meanwhile do all the chopping for the pulao. Finish chicken and finish pulao. Place apples to stew and make the rotis. Assemble dessert just before serving as the stewed apples need to be at room temperature. 

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