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Foods for the rains

Menu: A scrumptious Bread Dosa with Tamatar ki Chutney is perfect if you are home bound! Let the rain fall while you enjoy the snacky meal and bake yourself some Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies for a hot dessert!

Shopping list: 

1 large white bread loaf

100 grams semolina 

100 grams rice flour

600 grams tomatoes

150 grams cocoa powder

1 pack cinnamon powder

100 grams refined flour 

150 grams walnuts

1 orange

For faster preparation: 

Prepare the chutney. Prepare the cookie dough and refrigerate.

How to go about it :

Remove the cookie dough from the fridge and put to bake as per the instructions. Meanwhile, prepare the dosa batter and cook the dosas. Warm up the chutney and serve. 

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