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Eggless Desserts

Menu: Desserts are favourite with one and all. But when it comes to making those gorgeous sweet somethings minus eggs, people get skeptical about the final result! Fear not, as here are some of the eggless desserts with unique combinations that will surely make you want more – beginning with Pistachio Stuffed Peaches, next is Chocolate Banana Pops and finally its Coffee White Sauce and Walnut Parfait.

Shopping List

100 grams pistachio

1 tin of peaches

1 small packet of brown sugar

2 ripe bananas

1 block of milk chocolate

1 packet of ice cream sticks

1 packet of colourful candied fennel seeds

1 packet of butter

1 small packet of instant coffee powder

100 grams walnuts

2 packets of fresh cream

1 small packet of cocoa powder

1 pack of whipping cream

Preparations before you begin:

Blanch, peel and slice the pistachios. Grate the chocolate for pops. Prepare chocolate batter for parfait.

How to go about it:

Finish the parfait. Finish the pops and bake the peaches.