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Crispy Pakode

Make healthy and appetizing meals at home within 30 minutes. All you need are the ingredients mentioned in our shopping list, a bit of pre-preparation, and some smart and practical tips from us that will help you cut down your cooking time considerably. Follow our recipes that we have shared here and you will have a delicious and nourishing meal ready within no time. 

Menu: The very monsoonish treat – pakoda – every Indian swears by this even if its not the monsoons, as they are absolutely palate tickling any time of the year! Be it the pyaaz ones or the aloo ones, or for that matter the very delicious paneer ones – pakode is a true blue Indian dish that makes everyone go happy. Try making these versions – Hare Pyaaz ke Pakode, Moong Methi Pakode and Chicken Pakode with Palak.

Shopping list

1 small bunch spring onion greens

1 small bunch fresh fenugreek leaves 

500 grams boneless chicken

1 bunch spinach leaves 

1 small packet carom seeds 

1 small packet chaat masala 

For faster preparation 

For hare pyaaz ke pakode, keep the pakode mixture ready. For moong methi pakode, make the mixture, shape them into balls and set aside. For chicken pakode, single fry the chicken pakode and keep aside.

How to go about it

Start with frying of hare pyaaz ke pakode, then the moong methi pakode and in the end give a second fry to chicken pakode. Serve hot. 

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