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Chinese tonight

Menu: All time fav Sweet Corn Soup, with Hot Garlic Paneer and Perfect Hakka Noodles.

Shopping list:

400 grams noodles

300 grams cottage cheese (paneer) 

100 grams sweet corn kernels

100 grams bean sprouts

50 grams French beans

2 green capsicums

1 small cabbage

1 medium carrot 

1 tin cream-style sweet corn

1 packet cornflour

1 packet white pepper powder 

1 bottle red chilli paste

1 bottle red chilli sauce

1 bottle soy sauce

1 bottle vinegar

For faster preparation: 

Prepare vegetables for soup, paneer dish and noodles. Noodles can be pre boiled, oiled and kept refrigerated till needed.

How to go about it:

Make the Hot Garlic Paneer first as the flavours develop on resting. Put soup on the boil and cook the noodles. As you finish the soup, slightly heat up the paneer and noodles and serve them. 

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