How to make Khuskhus Jo Seero - A rich and delicious halwa - poppy seeds cooked dry coconut and dates.

This recipe has featured on the show Khanakhazana.

Main Ingredients : Poppy seeds, Dry coconut

Cuisine : Sindhi

Course : Desserts

Khuskhus Jo Seero

Sindhi cuisine is delightful, and those who have had a taste of it will know that there is a great deal of flavour and spice in this cuisine. This does not mean that all food in Sindhi cuisine is spicy, as there are plenty of sweet dishes in it to. 
Sindhi cuisine is a result of many influences - Baluchistan touches the border of Sindh and so does Punjab – so there is bound to be an immigration of ideas! It goes without saying that pre-partition played an immense role in making Sindhi cuisine what it is today. As Sindh was once part of India, Indian foods have had a large influence is shaping Sindhi cuisine. The spicy and aromatic features of Sindhi and Indian meals are similar. Sindhi cuisine refers to the cuisine of the Sindhis from Sindh, Pakistan and India. 
Combinations of dishes are also important in Sindhi cuisine. Over the years the best ones have lasted and are repeatedly presented together.

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