How to make Til Aur Gur Ke Ladoo - White sesame and jaggery mixture flavoured with cardamom powder and shaped into laddoos – tasty, nutritious and quick.

This is a Sanjeev Kapoor exclusive recipe.

Main Ingredients : Sesame seeds, Jaggery

Cuisine : Indian

Course : Mithais

Til Aur Gur Ke Ladoo

Til and gur are two classic Indian ingredients that marry brilliantly together. These laddoos are a must during the kite festival or makar sankranti celebrated in India. Sesame seeds are known for their nutritive benefits while jaggery as a sweetener is a much healthier alternative to sugar. This delicious duo is also considered an auspicious combination in India. I sometimes add a few crushed peanuts to it for some more texture and taste. When it comes to traditional Indian mithais this one takes the cake…. err the laddoo!

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