How to make Lettuce And Egg Salad Recipe - Lettuce and egg tossed in vinaigrette dressing

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Main Ingredients : Eggs ( अंडे ) , Iceberg lettuce ( आईसबर्ग लेटस )

Cuisine : Continental

Course : Salads

Lettuce And Egg Salad

Hindi: anda
You should always stack your fridge with at least a dozen of them. Why? Handiest food to have around! Kids are hungry? Make some egg sandwiches. Guests come in, make an egg curry or egg biryani. You are hungry? Poach an egg and have it topped with stir fried veggies – perfect protein source for the body! Check the freshness – keep a raw egg in a bowl of water. Fresh eggs will stay at the bottom while stale eggs stand on end or float.

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Lettuce And Egg Salad Recipe Card

Lettuce And Egg Salad

Prep Time : 11-15 minutes

Cook time : 6-10 minutes

Serve : 4

Level Of Cooking : Medium

Ingredients for Lettuce And Egg Salad

  • Eggs 8

  • Iceberg lettuce bunch


  • Salad oil 2 tablespoons

  • Vinegar 6 tablespoons

  • Mustard powder 1 tablespoon

  • Black peppercorns crushed 5-6

  • White pepper powder 1/2 teaspoon

  • Salt to taste


Step 1

Cook eggs in boiling water for twelve minutes. When cool, peel and place in cold water. Wash lettuce leaves in running water and keep in chilled water. Cut eggs into bite sized pieces.

Step 2

Tear lettuce leaves with hand and gently mix eggs with them. Prepare dressing by mixing all the ingredients. Mix the dressing gently into the prepared lettuce and eggs. Serve cold.

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