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Tricoloured treats with a difference

Menu : Start with a yummy Corn Chips with Cheese Dressing, move on to Macaroni with Chickpeas and finish off the meal with light Grilled Fruits.

Shopping list:

300 gm macaroni

300 gm cherry tomatoes

150 gm gooseberries

100 gm carrot

100 gm chickpeas 

2 kiwis

1 red capsicum

1 green capsicum

1 ripe banana

1 basket strawberries

1 small pineapple

1 large packet corn chips

1 tub cream cheese

1 bottle hummus

1 bottle extra virgin olive oil

1 bottle olive oil

Few dry red chillies/ red chilli flakes

Fresh coriander 

Fresh parsley

Fresh mint 

For faster preparation:

Soak and boil the chickpeas. Prepare the cheese dip and refrigerate in a glass bowl. Prepare sugar syrup and refrigerate.

How to go about it:

Place macaroni to boil. Prepare the vegetables. Prepare carrot for corn chips. Prepare the fruits according to the recipe. Sprinkle with sugar. Start and finish Macaroni with Chickpeas, assemble the Corn Chips and serve. Grilled Fruits are best served after the two courses are over and serve them immediately.

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