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Super Sandwiches

Menu: Filling, highly nutritious, as well as quick and easy to make, sandwiches can be eaten for all meals. All you require are two bread slices and a scrumptious filling and your sandwich is ready within a few minutes. Our Grilled Tofu Sandwich, Carrot Chutney Sandwich and Multigrain Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich are so yummy that you will have to make them quite often and no one will stop at one.

Shopping list:

100 grams tofu

200 grams cottage cheese

1 packet sliced brown bread

1 packet sliced white bread

1 packet sliced multigrain bread

200 grams cherry tomatoes

1 packet roasted peanuts

250 grams carrots

1 bottle eggless mayonnaise

1 bottle mayonnaise

1 small bottle honey

1 bottle mustard sauce

1 red capsicum

1 bottle black olives

1 bunch lettuce leaves

200 grams boneless chicken

1 bottle olive oil

1 bottle extra virgin olive oil

1 bunch fresh coriander leaves

1 bunch fresh mint leaves

1 lemon

For a faster preparation

Boil and shred the chicken for the Multigrain Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich. Next, prepare the tomato chili paste with olive oil, onion, cherry tomatoes, dried red chilies and roasted peanut for the Grilled Tofu Sandwich. Also prepare the filling for the same. 

Then make green chutney for Carrot Chutney Sandwich using coriander, mint, green chilies, ginger garlic paste, whole cumin seeds and lemon. Combine this chutney and cottage cheese mixture ready along with the carrot and mayonnaise mixture for the same. 

How to go about it

Start by assembling and grilling the Grilled Tofu Sandwich. In the meantime, assemble the Multigrain Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich and finally make the Carrot Chutney Sandwich. Serve these delicious sandwiches for breakfast or along with tea/coffee in the evening.

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