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Snacky meal

Menu: Filling Chickpeas on Toasts with Grilled Fish Fingers, topped with delicious Crepes with Hot Chocolate Sauce. 

Shopping list: 

400 grams refined flour (maida)

300 ml fresh cream

200 gms chickpeas

4 eggs

2 rawas fish fillets

1 French loaf

1 bottle tahini (sesame seed paste)

1 bottle extra virgin olive oil

1 bottle black olives

1 packet breadcrumbs

1 packet cornflakes

1 packet soft brown sugar

1 packet cocoa powder 

Fresh curly parsley 

Oil spray (optional)

For faster preparation:

Soak and cook chickpeas in a pressure cooker. Make the topping using the tahini as per the recipe. Keep covered in a glass bowl till required. 

How to go about it: 

Preheat oven. Slice the French loaf and assemble the toasts and bake. Meanwhile, prepare crumb mixture for fish fingers and cut fish. Assemble the fingers on a silicon sheet ready for baking. Once the toasts are out and fish is being baked, make the batter for the crepes. Rest it for a while, then make fresh crepes and serve immediately. 

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