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Simplicity of a soup ‘n salad meal

Menu: A rich Pumpkin and Walnut Soup with crusty bread rolls to be followed by Nachos Salad. Making the meal complete is a warm Figalacious Pudding.

Shopping list: 

700 grams red pumpkin

75 grams walnut kernels

100 grams red kidney beans 

100 grams brown sugar

50 grams cheese

50 grams dried figs

25 grams almonds

12 baby tomatoes

1 small bottle olive oil 

1 bottle curry powder

1 packet seedless dates

1 tin sweetened condensed milk

1 packet vanilla custard powder

1 packet nacho chips

1 sprig fresh parsley

1 chicken breast

1 bunch iceberg lettuce 

1 fresh fig

For faster preparation:

Roast the walnuts for soup and store. Roast pumpkin with onions. Cook chicken for nachos. Boil dates and figs for pudding. Prepare custard sauce.

How to go about it: 

Place pumpkin in pan with stock and allow it to cook. Meanwhile, chop the vegetables for salsa, prepare it and set it aside. Mix the pudding and place in the oven. Prepare soup, assemble the nachos and serve. The custard sauce will need to be warmed up while serving the pudding. 

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