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Restaurant Style Meal

Menu: Start with Minty Mushrooms, follow it up with a delish Creamy Walnut Chicken (accompanied with roti) and wind up with Strawberry Panacotta.

Shopping List:

100 grams walnuts

4 packs (800 ml) fresh cream

2 packs (400 grams) fresh button mushrooms

2 boneless chicken breasts

2 pods garlic 

1 large bunch fresh mint leaves

1 bunch iceberg lettuce 

1 pack fresh strawberries 

1 bottle strawberry crush

1 pack unflavoured gelatin

1 pack red chilli flakes

For faster preparation:

Prepare the mint paste for the mushrooms. Cover with clingfilm and refrigerate till needed. Prepare and cook chicken breasts for curry. Prepare dessert and keep in fridge till service time. 

How to go about it:

Prepare the chicken gravy and add pieces of precooked chicken breasts. Meanwhile toss the mushrooms in paste as per instructions in recipe. Make rotis and serve the meal. 

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