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Rangeelo Rajasthan

Make healthy and appetizing meals at home within 30 minutes. All you need are the ingredients mentioned in our shopping list, a bit of pre-preparation, and some smart and practical tips from us that will help you cut down your cooking time considerably. Follow our recipes that we have shared here and you will have a delicious and nourishing meal ready within no time.  

Menu: The land of rajas, the largest state of India in terms of area, Rajputana or the country of Rajputs – these are a few terms that are highly synonymous with this colourful and vibrant state of Rajasthan. Enjoy a meal with these amazing royal dishes and make your day – Rajasthani Tikka, Rajasthani Dal and Rajasthani Kadhi.

Shopping list

400 grams boneless chicken

1 packet Kashmiri red chilli powder

1 packet chaat masala

1 packet yogurt

1 small packet clove powder

250 grams split Bengal gram

250 grams green gram

1 packet dried mango powder 

250 grams gram flour 

1 small packet soda bi carbonate

50 grams carom seeds 

For faster preparation 

For tikka hang the yogurt and keep ready. Then marinate the chicken and refrigerate it. For the dal, soak the dal so it would cook faster. For the kadhi, prepare the pakoras well in advance and keep.

How to go about it

First cook the dal and then kadhi, add the pakoras just before serving. Finally cook the tikka.

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