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Quick snacky meal for the season

Menu: Everyone’s favourite Vegetable Egg Roll is built up with a crunchy munchy Beetroot Salad. For the sweet tooth, Blueberry Buttermilk Cupcakes too!

Shopping list

400 grams refined flour 

200 grams cabbage 

200 grams butter

50 grams sesame seeds 

6 eggs

5 medium brinjals

2 medium beetroots

1 bottle tomato chilli sauce 

1 bunch iceberg lettuce 

1 spring onion with greens

1 small bunch fresh mint 

1 cup chickpeas 

1 small bottle extra virgin olive oil

1 bottle blueberry jam

1 bottle vanilla essence

1 pack baking powder

1 each lemon and orange

For faster preparation

Soak and boil the chickpeas and refrigerate till needed. Mix batter for cup cakes and bake.

How to go about it

Cut the beetroots and assemble the salad and allow it to chill till ready to be served.

Sauté the vegetables for the vegetable roll and assemble the roll and serve immediately.