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Quick delights

Menu: Innovative ideas that will quickly delight the kids. Every mom’s wish-list plus balancing out the nutrition as well as the yummy quotient. These tasty treats just require a little planning. Just go for it. Give the routine meals a break and try out the healthy Beancurd Bhurjee Sandwich, Chatpate Sprouts and Cheese & Herb Dip. Kids will gobble them up in no time at all!

Shopping list

250 grams silken beancurd (tofu)

1 packet brown bread

2-3 sprigs fresh coriander 

1 sprig fresh mint leaves

250 grams bean sprouts

1 small bottle honey

1 small bottle red chilli sauce

1 small bottle vinegar

1 small bottle soya sauce

1 bunch of spring onion

50 grams of fresh red chillies

1 block cheese

1 small bottle dried oregano

1 small bottle dried thyme

1 small bottle white pepper powder 

For faster preparation

Crumble the bean curd, chop the vegetables for the Beancurd Bhurjee Sandwich and Chatpate Sprouts. Grate the cheese.

How to go about it

Prepare the dip, assemble the sandwich and toss the salad. Grill the sandwich. 

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