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Orange special

Menu: The best part about winters is the availability of a highly nutritious fruit, the orange. They are large, sweet and juicy. Besides eating the fruit in various forms, the peel can be sun dried and is powdered to be mixed with cream for face and body cleanser. Make a citrusy combination of dishes with this great fruit – start with Orange Mojito, next in line is Orange French Toast and end with Orange in Spiced Caramel.

Shopping list

8 oranges

500 grams castor sugar

50 grams star anise

50 grams fresh red chillies

1 bottle orange marmalade

Juice of 2 small oranges 

1 packet white bread

100 grams butter

100 grams powdered sugar

200 ml fresh cream

1 packet brown sugar

1 bunch mint leaves

For faster preparation

Remove the segments of oranges. Make sugar syrup by adding cinnamon, star anise, cloves. Make the batter ready for the French toast. Make sauce ready by cooking orange juice, marmalade and powder sugar. 

How to go about

Add the orange segments and chopped fresh red chillies to sugar syrup and refrigerate. Serve chilled. Dip the bread slices into the batter and shallow-fry till golden and serve with the prepared sauce. Add all the ingredients of Mojito into individual glass and muddle. Add orange juice and ice cubes to it. Serve chilled. 

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