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New Year Treats

Menu: Soupy Noodles And Vegetables In Coconut Sauce with exotic Spicy Chicken Fried Rice With Crispy Basil Leaves, followed by Butterscotch Icecream With Cherries.

Shopping list: 

200 gm chicken keema

200 ml pack coconut milk 

150 gm egg noodles

150 gm carrots 

3 fresh red chillies 

1½ kg butterscotch ice cream

1 8-inch round vanilla sponge cake

1 small bunch fresh basil leaves

1 egg 

1 medium zucchini 

1 broccoli

1 Chinese cabbage 

1 lemon grass stalk

1 small tin cherries

1 bottle red curry paste 

1 bottle light soy sauce

1 bottle chocolate sauce

1 bottle fish sauce

For faster preparation: 

For the Spicy Chicken, pound 2 red and 1 green chillies with the garlic and salt in a mortar and pestle. Transfer paste in glass bowl, cover with clingfilm and refrigerate till needed. You can also fry the basil leaves and keep in an air tight tin. Prepare the rice, and hardboil the egg. For the noodles, sauté the lemon grass and red curry paste with the onion and garlic. Add the vegetables and stock and cook till vegetables soften. Cool and refrigerate. Assemble the ice cream dessert and freeze.

How to go about it:

Add the noodles and remaining ingredients for the soup and allow it to cook on low heat. Meanwhile prepare the spicy chicken completely. Serve the meal immediately.

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