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Melon Magic

Menu: One summery fruit that has various types, but any of which never fails to bring that freshness and gorgeous taste to the palate. Yes, it’s the melon – be it the musk melon or the water melon or any other type – having it in any form is always refreshing! Try out these recipes this summer and enjoy the magic of the melon – Melon and Mango Smoothie, Sago with Honeydew and Watermelon Kachumber.

Shopping list

2 medium ripe musk melons 

2 alphonso mangoes

1 small bottle strawberry crush 

200 grams sago

1 ripe honeydew melon

1 coconut

200 grams powdered sugar

1 bottle rose syrup

1 medium watermelon

2 cucumbers 

1 packet tamarind paste

2 pomegranates

1 small bunch spring onion green

For faster preparation

Do the required peeling, deseeding and chopping of fruits and vegetables. For melon and mango smoothie refrigerate the melon and mango for 3 hours. For sago with honeydew, soak sago and extract fresh coconut milk. For watermelon kachumber, extract pomegranate juice. Cooktamarind paste and pomegranate juice, let it cool.

How to go about it

Start by blending the smoothie and refrigerate it. Prepare sago with honeydew. Toss the kachumber with tamarind and pomegranate dressing. Serve.

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