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Light meal yet festive

Menu: Start with Phal Subz Seekh, and offer Bhare Bhagare Tamatar for mains. Finish off with an all-time favourite Trifle Pudding.

Shopping list

300 ml whipping cream

200 grams fresh button mushrooms

100 grams prunes 

100 grams cottage cheese 

75 grams peanuts 

8 medium firm red tomatoes 

8 inch square fatless sponge cake

5 grams edible sandalwood powder

5 grams dried rose petal powder

2 large unripe bananas 

2 fresh red chillies

1 small head broccoli 

1 small carrot 

1 packet breadcrumbs

1 small bottle olive oil

1 medium red capsicum 

1 packet tamarind pulp

1 bottle mixed fruit jam

1 tin mixed fruits

1 packet vanilla custard powder

For faster preparation

Prepare the sautéed mixture of mushrooms and prunes. Refrigerate. Prepare stuffing for tomatoes and refrigerate. Can also prepare the gravy and refrigerate. 

Assemble the trifle pudding and refrigerate without cream topping. 

How to go about it

Boil bananas and in the meantime stuff the tomatoes and place in gravy to cook. Allow the bananas to cool and in the meantime cover the pudding with cream and allow to chill till serving time. Mix the kabab ingredients, and prepare. 

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