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Joys of a simple meal

Menu: Yummy Boondi Ki Sabzi with steamed rice, with crisp Aloo Tuk on the side, finished with moulded Seviyan Ka Muzzarfar

Shopping list:

300 grams baby potatoes 

1 bunch spring onions

1 pack fresh cream

10 grams each cashew nuts, pista and melon seeds

1 packet chaat masala

1 small packet amchur

1 packet salted boondi 

1 packet fine roasted sevaiyan


Readymade yogurt or milk to set it at home

Silver warq (optional) 

For faster preparation:

Make sugar syrup for the dessert. Wash and scrub baby potatoes and wipe dry. Keep covered.

How to go about it: 

Place oil for aloo tuk to heat. Mix the masala for the aloo tuk. Whisk together yogurt gravy ingredients for the sabzi. Place on heat. Prick potatoes and start frying in small batches. Stir yogurt gravy frequently. Finish aloo tuk. Place rice to cook. Preheat oven. Finish boondi ki sabzi. Prepare and place dessert to bake in oven. Meanwhile serve the meal. Serve dessert hot and freshly garnished.

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