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Jai ho!

Menu: Time really flies! This year all of us Indians will be celebrating the 67th Independence Day with all the zeal, remembering the true heroes who helped us attain the freedom which we have today! And why leave the food as well behind. Instigate that free-will feel of yours and cook a meal with a flavourful Narangi Shorba as a starter, then Tirangi Pulao and finally a delicious Badam Pista Kulfi. Jai Hind!


Shopping list

2 small packets orange juice
3 medium carrots
1 small fresh cream
½ kg pumpkin
1 bunch coriander leaves
1 packet basmati rice
1 small packet tomato puree
2 bunches spinach leaves
100 grams almonds
100 grams pistachios
0.5 grams strands saffron
1 tin condensed milk
100 grams khoya

For faster preparation

Cut the vegetables for shorba. Boil the vegetables till they are cooked. Cool and make the puree. Cook rice for the pulao. Make red chilli paste, spinach paste, green chilli paste and keep aside. Make the mixture ready for the kulfi by reducing the milk with condensed milk, khoya and nuts.

How to go about it

Cook the blended vegetable mixture by adding spices and finish off by adding orange juice and fresh cream. Toss the orange rice with spices and red chilli paste, green rice with green chilli paste and spinach puree and assemble and make it ready. Demould the kulfi and serve chilled.

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