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Menu: Infuse in a little tact and revise the epicurean experience, spice things up and prepare a meal, which is a sure-shot hit. Sweltering summer time is prefect to go the Mint Quick Lime Mojito and sandwich way. Try out these tasty measures and suggestions- Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Baked Potato Wedges and Mint Quick Lime Mojito …compliments are only natural to follow.


Shopping list

1 packet brown bread
1 packetwhite bread
200 grams chicken
1 small bottle of black pepper powder
1 bottle mayonnaise
1 block of cheese
1 small head of lettuce
1 packet cheese slices
1 medium cucumber
50 grams potato wafers
1 small bottle mixed herbs
1 small bottle olive oil
5 sprigs fresh mint leaves
1 packet brown sugar
1packet peppermint flavoured candies
1 bottle lemonade


For faster preparation
Blanch the potatoes, grate the cheese, boil and shred the chicken. Slice the vegetables for the sandwich.


How to go about it
Put the potatoes in the oven for baking, assemble the sandwich and grill. Prepare the Mojito.